Neuroscience Research

Focus on the Best Science

Neuroscience Research

The Neuroscience research focus is on targets and pathways with strong scientific rationale, better translation to human disease and the potential for multiple indications.

We are ‘agnostic’ in our platforms and our approach.  We simply seek the most promising molecules and programs to advance with our partners.

We will consider any treatment modality – both small molecule and biologic – for psychiatric, neurological or analgesic disorders affecting the central or peripheral nervous system, which will provide an acceptable return on investment.

Advantages of the Neuroscience Model

We are responsible for the advancement of the current AstraZeneca neuroscience pipeline, as well as the growth of that pipeline through external collaborations and strategic partnerships. This approach was designed to broaden AstraZeneca’s neuroscience expertise, while minimising or dividing development cost and risk.

Neuroscience Research