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If you care for someone with #SevereAsthma @Asthmauk can help with some information on finding out more about the condition, how to get support and more

Whilst it can be a challenge to find the right treatment when you have #SevereAsthma, there are still lots of things you can do to help manage your symptoms which you can explore during an #AsthmaReview #KnowAsthma

Uncontrolled #SevereAsthma presents a greater risk of long-term airway damage so it’s important to see your doctor/nurse for a review if your symptoms are getting worse. Find out how to get the best from your #AsthmaReview @asthmauk #KnowAsthma

If you’re getting #asthma symptoms often or your symptoms are getting worse, it’s best to go to see your doctor/nurse for an #AsthmaReview #SevereAsthma #KnowAsthma

Everyone with #asthma experiences the condition differently - the underlying causes, symptoms & triggers of asthma and how they respond to treatment vary amongst individuals which is why it's hard to put asthma into exact categories #KnowAsthma

Some people with severe, uncontrolled asthma have elevated eosinophil levels which decrease lung function and increase the risk of #AsthmaAttacks. Eosinophils are a type of white blood cell #SevereAsthma #EosinophilicAsthma

It is becoming increasingly clear from research (largely led by UK scientists) that asthma is not one condition but many, and that there are several sub-types of #SevereAsthma #KnowAsthma

Most people who are diagnosed with #SevereAsthma already have an asthma diagnosis. You can develop it at any age or your asthma can change to become severe over time or be triggered more suddenly by certain factors eg pneumonia or hormonal changes #KnowAsthma

People with #SevereAsthma are usually referred to a specialist asthma care team for ongoing care and treatment because their asthma is more complex #KnowAsthma

#SevereAsthma is a type of asthma where symptoms do not get better with the usual asthma medicines & where other causes & triggers for symptoms have been ruled out as much as possible; specialist assessment & very different support & treatments are needed

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A brighter end to my last week with #AZneuro (for now), it’s been amazing to have worked with such a knowledgeable, practical and positive team! Beginning of the end now’s hoping for more blue skies ahead 🤞🤓